Call For Papers

The Journal of Humanity and Society (JHS) is a quarterly (formerly biannual) peer-reviewed academic journal that has been published by Scientific Studies Association (Ilmi Etüdler Dernegi) since 2011. Indexed and abstracted by significant indexes (such as Social Services Abstracts, Sociological Abstracts, Worldwide Political Abstracts and Index Islamicus etc.), its main goal is to create a new scientific tradition. It has attracted a great deal of academic interest, been downloaded in large numbers, and been cited by numerous academics.

Today, in order for wisdom to flourish once again, the rupture between the human and society in our contemporary scientific world has to be surpassed. Therefore, scientific research and explorations have to be conducted from the perspective of the human and society as interconnected integrities. JHS, which has a high opinion of disciplinary traditions, invites researchers to display the courage to transcend, deconstruct, and then reconstruct these very disciplines while pursuing the truth. The journal considers the generation of a research tradition that is both loyal to reality and produces actual knowledge to be part of its self-appointed mission.

JHS publishes academic research papers on topics of concern to the various disciplines found within the social and humanitarian sciences. Besides adhering to the prevailing academic rules and codes, all submitted materials are expected to make serious theoretical and methodological contributions to their respective fields. Therefore, we expect them to be methodologically coherent, convenient, and adequate, as well as to rely upon a specific theory, question a certain theoretical approach, or offer a new theoretical framework. We prioritise those that present new information, documents, and findings from the field, along with those that apply new methodologies and pursue new theoretical approaches. In this respect, all submissions must adhere to the journal’s format and content specifications.

JHS comprises three sections. The first (and main) section is reserved for original research papers, all of which are subjected to a double blind peer review process. The second section contains book reviews. The third section is allocated to review articles on policy making and literature debates.

Inspired by the tradition of wisdom, JHS opens its pages to the novel conceptualisations and methods fed by this tradition. We invite all scholars who desire to learn and pursue truth to contribute.