A Utopian Way of Thinking about Work: Tracing William Morris’ Ideas on the Concept of Work


Social theories present a wide range of criticism regarding the modern organization of work, yet little on the nature of humans and what an ideal concept of work would be. Favoring a utopian way of thinking about work, this paper inspects William Morris’ understanding of work and the basic dynamics of work organization in his vision of the society of the future. This article has chosen to perform an in-depth analysis of his utopian novel News from Nowhere due to the transformation of work laying at the core of the book. By tracing the key patterns of work in Morris’ future utopia which he called Nowhere, this paper proposes the concept of work that articulated in Morris’thought as a means of gaining an alternative model regarding the recent debates about the future of work. In particular, the paper scans Morris’ arguments on labor to demonstrate how Morris’ view presents an inspiring approach for our era. This hopefully opens up the prospect of thinking about the ideal work of the future one wants to achieve.


Utopia William Morris News from Nowhere concept of work pleasurable work attractive labor meaning of work future of work