Reading Early Republican Westernization From Fanon’s Perspective: Cumhuriyet Newspaper’s 1930 Vocal Queen Contest


Orientalism views non-Western societies as entities to be managed and also marginalizes these societies. Therefore, Orientalism can be seen as a way of thought that legitimizes colonialism and helps colonizers to otherize their colonies. This insulting mentality has had significant psychological consequences on the societies being humiliated and researchers such as F. Fanon, Malik bin Nebi, and A. Cesaire have attempted to reveal the psychology of all oppressed societies. The current study examines the psychology of Turks in the first periods of the Turkish Republic, who’d been exposed to the Orientalist perspective for centuries, based on the studies of F. Fanon. The article uses the discourse analysis method to look at the Cumhuriyet newspaper’s 1930 Vocal Queen Contest, which was held in the early Republic’s Westernisation period as a case study. Therefore, the research question of the article is as follows: “Can a correlation be established between the psychological factors behind Turkish modernization and Fanon’s findings?”. This study can be said to reach some important evaluations about the intellectuals, nationalist feelings, Westernization, and Turkish modernization during the Republican period.


Westernization Frantz Fanon nationalism orientalism Vocal Queen Contest