Evaluating the Relationships among the Sociodemographic Variables and Gender Perceptions of Undergraduate Students in Turkey: A Meta-Analysis Study


This study seeks to examine gender perceptions in Turkey. After completing a literature review, the research compiles and analyzes academic studies on Turkish undergraduate students and their gender perceptions. Of the 763 studies included in the literature review, 15 were included in the meta-analysis. The study uses Comprehensive Meta-Analysis (CMA) Software (Biostat Inc, 2021) for the analysis and has concluded four different sociodemographic variables to be suitable for the meta-analysis. The variables used are undergraduates’ (1) gender, (2) school year, (3) mother’s education, and (4) father’s education. The paper presents the findings for each variable separately. The results show gender assigned at birth to have the biggest effect on undergraduate students’ gender perceptions, mother’s education to have a small effect, and father’s education to have no effect. The most striking and notable result from the meta-analysis is the lack of difference between the gender perceptions of freshman and senior undergraduate students.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Turkey gender perceptions undergraduate students meta-analysis sociodemographic variables